Decorative Accent Stone Adds Elegance and Charm

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Most Kansas City homeowners are familiar with various types of siding such as vinyl siding, steel, aluminum and wood – but what about decorative accent stone?

Depending on the architectural style of your home and your budget, this can be a great way to add curb appeal and give your home a charming, elegant appearance.

Kansas City Stone Facade

The great thing about decorative accent stone is that it can be easily installed regardless of whether your home is currently wood, brick, stucco, or concrete. You may be wondering how something as heavy as stone can be installed on your home. The process involves stone veneer, a much lighter weight material that offers the timeless beauty and elegance of authentic natural stone.

Decorative accent stone can be installed literally anywhere on your home, even around doors and windows. In fact, you can give your home an entirely different look and feel, even change up the design entirely. Think you would enjoy a retro look that brings to mind the 1950s or 60s? Simply have the siding installed above and below windows, in a column as wide as the window itself. Unique, and absolutely exquisite in appearance! Your home will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Did you know that homeowners often perceive the value of a home to be higher when enhanced with stone, whether natural or simulated? When a home has a stone facade, it imparts a connection with nature. Many people feel that homes with a stone exterior are more stable, and considering that there is no fading, cracking, or peeling, the home will look well maintained for many years to come. Some studies have revealed that homeowners perceive a home with a stone exterior to be 8% more valuable than a home with other types of siding! While it is exciting to think that something as affordable as decorative accent stone can substantially increase the perceived value of your home, rest assured the up-front cost is well within most budgets.

Decorative Manufactured Stone Accents

Whether installed around an entranceway, windows, or in a decorative pattern around garage doors, decorative accent stone adds a touch of elegance and class that simply cannot be achieved with other siding options. Your guests will be greeted by a warm, welcoming charm that says, “Come on in and stay awhile.”

If you are a Kansas City homeowner interested in learning more about beautiful decorative accent stone, call abc Seamless today. Building a new home? Nothing sets your home apart or gives it more of a natural look than stone veneer!

Contact the stone professionals at abc Seamless today, and let us transform your home’s exterior into one of rich elegance and beauty.

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