Defying Spatial Limitations

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As space becomes limited during the global pandemic and quarantines have become more of a normal thing in our society; a lot of homeowners are seeking different means for extra space. Although they have been called many things such as Granny Pods, Sheds, Huts, Cabins, She-Shacks or She-Sheds; A great solution that will deliver function and fun for families is a tiny house.

In general, there are two types of tiny houses: one built on wheels or one built on a foundation. Most states recognize one built on wheels as a recreational vehicle or RV and you may have to get it inspected and registered as such. If you choose to build it on solid foundation, most states would consider that type of tiny house an accessory dwelling and construction would be governed by the local zoning codes and building regulations. As not all localities have the same codes and regulations regarding permissible use and construction of a tiny house; it is best practice to check with your city and county officials before beginning this project.

A tiny house can serve a multitude of purposes and are an ideal solution for many homeowners that are needing more functional space then their current home provides. Their use is only limited by your imagination, but a few great uses that come to mind are home office or school, tech-zone or tech-free-zone, workshop or studio, and Zen garden or relaxation spot. Once you are no longer in need of its intended use, the building can easily be reconfigured to fit an existing need. A great end use for a tiny house would be storage, as that seems to be a top necessity for families across the globe.

A well-constructed tiny house will add to the value of your home by creating more usable space for years to come. So, if you think this popular option is right for you, now is the time to consider who is going to provide the best service, installation, and warranty for your new structure. Our team is the ABC Seamless local experts in Kansas City and have been serving surrounding areas since 1962. We personally install our product, and guarantee every one of our products and installations.

Although we are best known as world leaders for our polymer, vinyl, log, and steel siding, ABC Seamless Siding of KC is also local experts in roofing, gutters, windows, and doors. When it comes to selecting styles and colors for the any space; we are the only siding company in the Kansas City area that has never discontinued a color or style, making it much easier to match your existing structures with any future remodels or additions that may develop in the years to come.

As many people are transitioning from the office to the home, challenges arise in finding adequate space in their existing home. It can often be difficult to focus on your tasks at hand while you might be sharing the same space with the kids who are trying to finish their schooling. It is easy to see how a tiny house might just be the perfect solution.

If you are one of the many homeowners that are currently in need of the additional space that a tiny house offers, today is the time to call and schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our industry leaders. Our innovating experts are ready to take your home improvement project to a whole new level. We elevate every project with the best products and timeless trends that will meet your family budget, as well as your family needs.

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