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According to Marissa Kozma at when you elect to stay at an Airbnb in another country, you can learn a lot about the area’s culture. The stay away from your everyday home will offer insight to different colors, patterns, and even materials that are distinct with each country. Whether you are a home owner looking for inspiration or just wanting to experience different cultures, she points out seven different interior trends from around the globe.

In Morocco you will a penchant for ornate arches, tiled mosaics, and dramatic lighting. Tile-making is an artform in Morocco. This art form is reflected in their bright hand-colored and handmade tiles, which will make any home look both modern and authentic. Their use of punched metal lanterns matched with geometric patterned puffs, painted pottery, textured wallpaper, and plaster finishes are elaborately elegant and transform a home into a work of art.

In Mexico you will find home fashion in handmade pottery painted in bright vivid colors, striped serape blankets, and rustic wood or wrought iron furnishings complete the décor. To give your room that Mexican spice, Marissa recommends adding a sugar skull print, embroidered throw pillows, mixed with a couple of succulents. If you love color, art, and nature motifs, a Mexican-inspired motif could be a great idea for your next interior design.

Blue rooms are traditional in France, so you will probably find the royal shade in a French home. For a country that loves both its art and high fashion, interior design has always been a priority. With a nod to the luxurious French Baroque style extravagantly displayed throughout the Palace of Versailles, French homes exhibit grandeur with velvet upholstery, vintage floral patterns, and gold finishes. Today, the French prefer something a little more casual, but you’ll find sophisticated touches no matter where you go.

London has always been trendsetting when it comes to fashion, music, and pop culture, so do not expect British living rooms to be boring! The United Kingdom prefers homey and traditional interiors with classic wood furniture, leather chairs, heirloom china on display, Victorian wallpaper, and antique rugs, but you will also find exciting design accents in bold colors to mix it up. Eclecticism at its best, this style is an old meets new approach that is lovely to look at.

Known best for its concept of coziness called hygge, the Danes do not let the harsh dreariness of winter darken their decorating style. Most Scandinavian countries prefer ecofriendly, light wood furniture paired with industrial and mid-century modern accents. One or two colors in a room of mostly neutrals is common in Denmark; as well as, comforting elements of hygge such as fur rugs, heavy knit blankets, candles, and ambient lighting.

Like Denmark, Japan does not feel the need to accessorize too much. Grounded in simplicity and harmony with the natural world, color is scarcely found in homes across this island nation. White walls, plants, floor lanterns, a table for ceremonial tea, and a neutral rug or two will bring the Japanese influence into any room.

India sure knows how to embellish! From hand stitched kantha quilts to beaded sarees, the sparkle and rainbow of jewel tones are easily captivating and part of a colorful culture. Your eyes will feast on a buffet consisting of hand carved and hand painted furniture, multicolored throw pillows, layered textiles, and bronze statues of Hindu deities decorate every room in the traditional home in India.

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