Log Siding

Log Siding Made With The Strength Of Steel

Imagine your home enhanced with rich, rustic log walls, free from constant maintenance like staining, repairing cracks, fixing leaks, or replacing rotting logs.  You can make that a reality with log siding. This practical, economical, permanent solution. 

Constructed of durable steel, ABC Seamless log siding delivers strong, virtually maintenance-free walls, allowing you more time to do the activities you enjoy.

Escape the hassle! Your beautiful log-sided home will save you time, and money and preserve that rich, rustic, natural appearance.

Our log siding products are backed by over 50 years of innovation, experience, and design excellence. ABC Seamless is dedicated to providing residents of Kansas City and surrounding areas with superior quality products that ensure flawless home exteriors and a clean appearance.

Superior Performance, Unbeatable Value

While the practicality and functionality of the steel siding are delivered to every customer served, you also have options other home exterior surfaces simply can’t provide. Our 28 gauge steel log siding is available in several colors and styles, complementing virtually any type of home or business you have. While many people associate steel siding with more modern, industrial, and retro buildings, the look and design of this product have come far since the days of the more utilitarian corrugated galvanized steel sheet metal siding used on barns and other buildings.

Steel Siding Benefits for Your Home

If you are like most homeowners, you are likely familiar with certain types of siding. The most common option, vinyl siding, may offer a temporary nice look; however, it is unable to provide the same advantages that seamless steel siding does. For example,

  • Steel siding is color-fast. It won’t fade like vinyl siding, which means you can choose darker options without issue.
  • Eco-friendly option. Each piece of siding is cut for the specific building it is installed on, with very little waste. If waste is produced, it is recyclable.
  • Energy efficient. Thanks to cool paint technology that reflects radiant heat, your home is more efficient thanks to the steel siding.

Maintaining our 28 gauge seamless steel siding is also simple. This makes it extremely appealing to homeowners who have very little time to continually paint, repair, and maintain their home’s exterior.

Lifetime Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

Because we only offer superior products, our seamless steel siding includes a lifetime warranty. Our goal is to set the industry standard by offering a warranty that goes above and beyond the competition.

Your home is your castle. If you want to protect it, while ensuring it remains aesthetically beautiful, then seamless steel siding is the best option. Contact us today at 816-561-0000 for a free initial consultation.

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