New Year’s Home Resolutions


New Year’s Home Resolutions

At the beginning of every New Year, it is custom to list out personal resolutions that you want to complete in the new year. It is important to consider goals that are going to make an impact on your future in a positive way. For homeowners, it is equally important to include goals for your home when planning the new year.

One of the top resolutions people have regarding their personal and professional lives is to become more organized in the year to come. In hopes, that with a better organization they will gain better clarity. Often this can come true, as with less clutter there is generally a stronger appearance of clarity. There is an old proverb that talks about one’s life as a direct reflection of their home.

Clutter is often an identifier of chaos. In most homes, this starts with closets. Do you have any closets in your home that hold all the items you are not sure where to put or what to do with? It usually starts with a single item and then grows over the course of time. It may even start with a drawer in your kitchen; you know the one, it starts with an odd battery or ink pen you find but do not want to throw away until you test it. Yes, the junk drawer. It grows into a cluttered closet that soon becomes a collection of boxes and overflow items in the garage or attic.

Every homeowner would benefit from a storage room. A room designated for the holiday and seasonal decorations. Keep this room tidy and use plastic totes with lids that you can label. This will minimize pest infestation while keeping your memories safe, close and assessable. If your home does not have the extra space on the inside, consider a storage shed somewhere on the property; or keep your storage needs in mind during your next remodel.

The internet has a lot of great resources to find your best ideas and methods for reaching an organizational solution for your home, and potentially enhancing your lifestyle. One of the most important and overlooked areas in your home that is often cluttered and could be causing chaos is all the free space in your home that collects the air you breathe. Did you know that fecal matter can make its way from your bathroom to your kitchen through the air? Therefore, it is important to access your home’s air quality on a regular basis.

You can improve the breathable air in your home with some simple house plants, air purifiers, and even fans to help circulate and replace contaminated or stagnant air that is gathering in your home. Hiring a Kansas City duct cleaning company can help. New windows are also a great solution to improve the air quality in your home, as well as improve the security of all your extra stuff. Windows that open at the top and the bottom help create a free and natural airflow in your home. You can also protect your family and your belongings with windows that offer protection from harmful UV rays.

Our team can help you with your window replacement needs. We can evaluate your home and concerns to ensure you get the style of window you want. Our installation process includes custom fitting the windows, as well as cleaning up when the work is done. In addition to the style of window you want to be installed, you will also discover we offer a variety of color options. Start your New Year’s resolutions off right by calling now to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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