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The most common insurance claims submitted by homeowners in the United States is led with property damage and followed by fire and lightening. The next two most common insurance claims on the list are wind and hail damage, followed up with the damage left behind from water and freezing. The average claim settlement for fire and lightening is around $68,000 and claim settlement from wind, hail, and water damage average slightly above $10,000. Although higher than the statewide average, annual premiums for Kansas City homeowner’s insurance policies average around $2100. When considering the potential cost, should damage occur, homeowner’s insurance certainly seems worth it.

Although the state of Missouri does not require homeowner’s insurance; most mortgage lenders will require coverage throughout the duration of the mortgage contract. Also, because Kansas City region attracts some pretty vicious tornadoes, hail storms, and flood disasters, leading homeowner’s insurance expert Pat Howard recommends that Kansas City homeowners should consider extended rebuild coverage for their home in the event a tornado takes out an entire block and rebuild costs skyrocket. Since flooding isn’t covered by standard homeowners’ insurance, Kansas City residents will also want to consider a separate flood insurance policy or flood add-on for their home insurance policy.

Fire destroys a lot of property quickly, costing homeowners and insurance companies the most in claims. Whereas a busted frozen pipe or an appliance that is leaking some serious water will cost, on average, less than the devastation left from strong winds and hail. For those who carry homeowner’s insurance policies, generally a predetermined deductible will have to paid leaving the rest of the cost to the insurance companies. The homeowners who choose to survive without policies in place are faced with out-of-pocket expenses often creating a financial hardship that can be difficult to recover from. We all know that disasters happen, there is just no way around it. Mother Nature’s fury or an oversight from a homeowner is bound to happen, let us all hope it does not happen to any of you.

When it comes to protecting our families and our future finances, it seems reasonable to spend a little more on safety and a little less on convenience. You would not want to purchase a car made of pure plastic or one that was missing standard safety features such as airbags. Your home is your largest source of protection, the first line of defense against weather, a huge investment that will have future expenses, and will most likely be in your life for the largest amount of time. Although we can not control the weather or the accidents, we can help prevent or minimize any damage they may cause. Prevention starts with you and the choices you make. When it comes to protecting your home from the costly expenses incurred from fire, wind, and water damage, you have choices in products that make a difference in saving lives and saving money in the long run.

Here at ABC Seamless Siding, we use exclusive Seamless Steel Siding that we custom manufacture on the job site to eliminate ugly seams and ensure a perfect fit. We personally install our product, and guarantee every product and installation. We are the only siding company in Kansas City that has never discontinued colors or styles, so you never have to worry about color mismatch down the road.  You can be confident that you are making the right choice with ABC Seamless Steel Siding, the recognized industry leader among Kansas City siding companies.

ABC Seamless provides you with the Best Materials, Best Installation, Best Service & Best Warranties in the siding industry. Your car body is not made out of plastic, your house should not be either. Call today and speak with one of our industry experts and schedule your free in-home consultation.

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