Prepare Your Kansas City Home for this Year’s Staycation

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Family vacations use to be chosen according to popular attractions, special events, and affordability that best match the needs and desires of the family. Now when we begin our research for that special destination, we find ourselves typing the word safe instead of fun or local requirements instead of local restaurants. As the world is learning to co-exist with covid-19, the staycation is increasing in popularity.

That is not to say you cannot find yourself a safe and fun place to enjoy the next family vacation. However, a new contender for that coveted vacation destination this year may just be the family home. If you find yourself considering this exclusive and private destination for your next family trip, then now is the time to start thinking about all the potential your home has to fulfill your staycation needs.

As luck would have it, you would not need to book travel or lodging; And those two expenses combined are no doubt the largest portion of most vacation budgets. The question now is how you utilize that stash of cash to benefit your staycation. This is where your luck even gets better, as we may not specialize in booking travel arrangements, we are experts when it comes to beautiful siding, roofing, gutters, and windows.

ABC Seamless Siding

A great way to invest the staycation savings is to spend it on upgrading the family home. You can add value and longevity to an existing purchase while improving the space that is already serving the family in so many non-traditional ways. You can update the look of your outside space by upgrading to the low maintenance beauty of ABC Seamless Siding. Not only will it save you money by wrapping your home with premium insulation and reduce your everyday energy costs, but you will also be adding unbeatable protection for your home will not blow off or buckle.

Premium Kansas City Steel Roofing

To genuinely enjoy a peaceful night of rest while on your staycation the roof over your head should protect not only your family, but your heating bills as well. With all our roofing colors using Cool Paint or “Cool Roof” technology you will be protected from radiant energy waste in addition to the harshest of weather conditions.  Premium steel roofing is the last roof that your home will ever need.

Durable Steel Gutters

If your staycation destination is in a region of Missouri that is populated with a lot of trees or possibly receives the occasional heavy rainstorm, now would be a great time hire a Kansas City tree trimming service and add those durable steel gutters that are engineered to carry 33 percent more water away from a home than traditional rain gutters. With nearly 30 exciting colors to choose from, you are sure to find one that will add more curb appeal and complement your style. We also offer steel Hurricane Leaf Protector, designed to keep leaves and most debris from clogging seamless gutter system.

New Kansas City Replacement Windows

You can create a more open appearance by adding new windows or even upgrading the existing ones. Another bonus gained from window replacement, or a window addition, would be the enhanced views that would enhance any great family staycation. ABC Window offers one of the better window warranties in the industry; so, now you can play ball with the family and have peace of mind when that homerun your child just hit lands in the kitchen.

Contact ABC Seamless Siding

If you live in the greater Kansas City area and you are ready to prepare your home for this year’s family vacation; Give us a call and schedule a free in-home consultation today. Partner with one of our experts and get ready to have the best staycation destination in the state of Missouri.

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