As States begin to stop the flow of federal funds that have been stimulating cities, some homeowners are finding it necessary to tighten their budgets. For those homeowners that were seeking to freshen up their space with a remodel and now feel that it might be too costly, you might find a refresh is all you need. A popular alternative to doing a remodel to an entire space is to give that space a new look by changing select items that fit into your budget with more ease.

Refresh Your Space

When your room works and you are simply tired of looking at the same things’ day in and day out; you can refresh the space by replacing lesser expensive pieces. Starting with the kitchen, instead of tearing out cabinets and bringing in new ones; a fresh coat of paint or darker stain could change the entire look. Replacing the hardware in your kitchen will often change the style as well. By adding a backsplash or changing the color of your grout can often give your kitchen space that sense of newness without breaking a budget.


If your bathroom has tile, the same idea can flow into the bathroom when it comes to grout color. The bathroom hardware can also be swapped out to create a new look and throw in some new towels to finish the look. Refinishing a tub can give the appearance of a new bathroom at less than half the cost of purchasing a new one. Paint choices and textures can also lend a fresh feeling and not leave your budget stale. A Kansas City interior remodeling company can help you.


Bedrooms can be revitalized with paints and textures as well. A new throw or accent pillows with different textures can change the appearance and might possibly a nap more inviting. Add a wall hanging or paint a headboard for something more appealing to your current esthetic. Add an electronics valet or nightstand tray to organize a bit while shifting the style of the room. The look and feel of a bedroom can often be transformed by simply replacing the bedding with a trending style that compliments your desired design.

Living Rooms

Living rooms and family rooms can share some of those same ideas as the rest of the house. However, rearranging a bathroom or kitchen may be harder on a budget; but generally, a lounging room can often seem like new space by moving the furniture around and replacing throw pillows.

Exterior Remodel

When it comes to the outside of your home there are less expensive changes that can alter the home’s appearance, and often increase the value of the home. Soffits and fascia are the final decorative touches that create the finished look to your home. They cover all existing overhangs, roof edges and add detail to the overall appearance of your home. Creating a new look and giving some extra value to your home that the room refreshes are not always capable of.

Here at ABC Seamless Siding, we customize your home with our innovative WindLock Soffit and Steel Fascia System. Because of its strength and durability, our soffit and fascia are the preferred choices in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.  Both WindLock Soffit and Steel Fascia is available in all the same, never discontinued, beautiful colors as ABC Seamless Steel Siding and Gutter Systems.

Durable and seamless gutters can refresh the appearance of a home, add quite a bit of curb appeal, and remain budget-friendly at the same time. Of course, the appearance of your gutters is not as important as the function they provide. Each gutter product we sell is constructed from hot-dipped, 28-gauge, G-90 galvanized steel. This unique construction creates products that are incredibly strong and extremely resistant to damage from adverse weather conditions and falling debris.

So, when you are faced with a reduction of funds and craving to remodel your space, give ABC Seamless Siding a call and remember to schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our leading experts.….

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