Safe Celebrations

Safe Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches and the world pandemic is still creating havoc around the globe, here are a few suggestions to ensure you and your loved ones have safe celebrations for years to come. Current guidelines vary from state to state and even city to city, with vast changes being implemented sometimes daily. Utilizing the two most consistent recommendations, here are some ideas to help add the strength of safety and still move forward with this year’s fun festivities. Keep in mind that celebrations this year might require a lot of extra preparation. If you are asking anything of your guests, it is best to let them know as soon as possible. Your celebrations will go much smoother if everyone knows what is expected of them well in advance.

Starting with the masks. It is extremely difficult to eat or drink with a mask on. Of course, not all situations require a mask. However, if you are going to require it of your guests, you need to make certain you have enough room. This means making sure your guest list does not overcrowd your space. No matter what your personal preference to wearing a mask, you will want your guests to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. To enjoy the wonderful array of food and beverages you are about to serve, guest will need to feel comfortable or safe removing their mask. A great idea if you are requiring everyone in attendance to wear a mask, is to provide some plain light-colored masks that guests can write on. They could write what they are most grateful for, maybe their favorite food they plan to indulge in, or even just decorate it to suit their taste and mood. If you make wearing a mask a requirement, why not make it a fun one.

Social distancing is a little bit trickier when planning any celebration. It is recommended to have events outside for better air flow when ever possible. One of the first instincts when you see long-distance family is to give them a hug, or even a soft kiss on the cheek. Now-a-days that could be detrimental to someone else’s health. As those younger, older, or immune-compromised are at a greater risk, whether they are vaccinated or not. To off-set the air hugs, make little goody bags with Hershey kisses or other favorite treats to hand out instead of physical affection.

A great idea for celebrating is to do a themed scavenger hunt. You can pre-hide items or clues around your neighborhood, or give locations to take selfies. Families can face-time with other families to share in the festivities together, or set up a group chat and keep the momentum going. If that seems like a bit much another great social distanced multi-family fun activity is to play a team game. Those that traveled together can make up the teams and the choice of games are endless. However, to keep in sync and keep yourself with enough appropriate space, every team will need their own board or supplies. Designate one person from each group to move the board for the other teams. Walkie talkies would be fun for a younger crowd. If board games are not your thing, you could hold contests, such as, best gift wrapping, team Hangman, or team Pictionary. Get creative and enjoy the moment.

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