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The internet is loaded with articles that revolve around the ‘most important features’ sought after by those who are looking to purchase a new home. That list is usually populated with some of the latest trends and fashions that are sweeping the nation at the time. But you will also find some repetitive items that are similar, if not the same, as some of the things that are also important to the existing home owner; especially if that home owner is looking to sell. Regardless if you are a home owner looking to stay or sell, the two things that are on every list are low maintenance features and energy efficiency.

Have you ever heard any home owner say “I wish my house was not so energy efficient” or “man I wish I had to repaint the house this year?” They may want to paint their house another color because they want to, but certainly would not get excited if they had to. So as a home owner, low maintenance features and energy efficiency are some important things that would make living in your current home better; and if you are considering selling it certainly would make your home more marketable.

According to, number 4 out of the Top 15 Home Updates That Pay Off is Exterior Improvements (Siding, Paint, Updated Front Entry) average return at resale is 95.5 percent and number 10 is Replacement Windows with an average return at resale of 89.6 percent. In addition to recouping a majority of the expense, you should also see your utility bills begin to lower on average about 12 percent over time when transitioning to a more energy efficient life style. Of course, the curb appeal that is also added is definitely worth mentioning.

When you talking about curb appeal, low maintenance, and energy efficiency; ABC Seamless Siding and our Windows are the products that should come to a homeowner’s mind. With Seamless Siding your curb appeal will not have those unsightly splices that is typical of other siding, because all ABC Seamless is customized on site to ensure a perfect fit and is an amazing view from any curb. Our replacement windows come in vast array of styles to suit your homes unique architectural personality which will enhance the view from inside, outside, and definitely any curb along the way.

ABC Seamless Steel Siding is designed to resist warping, fading, cracking, peeling, and chipping, branding it the best option when you are seeking something that is virtually maintenance free. ABC Seamless Siding is screw-secured so it will not blow off or buckle, offering you home and investment unbeatable protection. Another great feature is we have never discontinued a color or style since the day we started. You can rest assured, if you decide to add an addition to your home, your siding will be available to complete the project.

Our amazing energy efficient ENERGY-STAR rated double and triple pane windows feature a specially coated glass that ensures optimal energy efficiency by drastically reducing heat loss through the window, resulting in lower energy costs to the home owner. Also designed for low maintenance our windows will not chip, warp, or fade; only requiring the occasional wash down to keep your new window looking beautiful for years to come. In addition to home siding and home windows, we proudly offer and install steel metal roofing, seamless steel gutters, and more.

Do not let cash flow stop you from improving your home, cabin, condo, or vacation spot; we have many financing options available to those who qualify. Call Kansas City’s local experts and schedule your free in-home consultation today to learn more about how ABC Siding can improve your homes appearance and save you money at the same time.

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