tiny house



May 24, 2021

As States begin to stop the flow of federal funds that have been stimulating cities, some homeowners are finding it necessary to tighten their budgets. For those homeowners that were seeking to freshen up their space with a remodel and now feel that it might…

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dream in colors

Dream in Color

April 29, 2021

It is without question that 2020 was a time of loss, learning, growing, and bonding in unique ways. All over the world people struggled to find a new sense of normal and create a calm during those unprecedented moments that came without warning. It is…

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tiny house kansas city

Defying Spatial Limitations

February 12, 2021

As space becomes limited during the global pandemic and quarantines have become more of a normal thing in our society; a lot of homeowners are seeking different means for extra space. Although they have been called many things such as Granny Pods, Sheds, Huts, Cabins,…

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