The Drawbacks of Vinyl Siding Compared to Steel Siding

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When choosing the exterior siding for your home, two popular choices are vinyl siding and steel siding. Both materials offer durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance requirements but also have distinct characteristics that may influence your decision.
Durability: While vinyl siding is known for its durability, steel siding surpasses it in terms of strength and longevity. Vinyl can crack or become brittle over time, particularly in extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms or freezing temperatures. On the other hand, steel siding offers superior resistance to impact, making it less susceptible to damage from flying debris or severe weather events.
Maintenance and Repairs: Vinyl siding requires less maintenance than other materials but still needs periodic cleaning and occasional repairs. Over time, vinyl siding may fade, warp, or become discolored, requiring the replacement of affected sections. Vinyl is prone to developing scratches, dents, and cracks, which can be challenging to repair seamlessly, as steel siding is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it a low-maintenance option requiring minimal repairs. It won’t fade or blister, crack or peel, 
Aesthetics: Vinyl siding offers a wide range of color options but lacks the authentic appearance of steel siding. Many homeowners appreciate the timeless and elegant look of steel siding, which can mimic the appearance of wood, stone, or other materials. Steel siding also tends to maintain its original color and finish for more extended periods, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a home.
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