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When homeowners begin to consider the possibility of placing their current home on the market, a remodel is usually the first thing that is considered. Generally, one would start to look at the kitchen and the bathroom to make sure they hold a modern look with many convenient functions and layouts. It is without doubt that a current renovation in some areas might be necessary, however, it is certainly a wise investment to consider updating the siding, windows, and doors as they tend to hold their value better generating a larger return on your invested dollars over a renovation or remodel of key rooms.

Upgrade with Remodeling Projects

Seeking to discover which remodeling projects retain their value best when a home owner is ready to sell; Remodeling Magazine surveyed 3,000 various real estate agents and firms. The answers were not all that surprising; as the top four remodeling projects that retain their value for resale pertained to Siding, Doors, and Windows. Focusing on the figures from the East North Central 2020 Averages, which pertain to Missouri and adjoining states, the average percentage of value held when broken down into categories are: Grand Entrance at 51%, Master Suite at 53%, Bathroom at 57%, Roofing at 59%, Kitchen at 60%, Entry Door at 63%, Deck at 65%, Windows at 68%, Garage Door at 79%, and Siding averages at 80%.

It is worth mentioning, that a trending theme with siding that holds about 88% of its value at the resale time in the Midwest is Manufactured Stone. This siding technique is basically achieved by using manufactured stone siding on the bottom third of the front-facing façade and outlining the entrance. Additional details that would be specific with your home’s esthetic and placement would also lend to the application making it a bit more specific and unique to your home. If this is something you may be considering, I encourage you to do some research or simply give us a call and we will happily guide you through the process. (Be sure to check back as more details about this and other styles and trends in siding is coming soon.) But this article is meant to provide a clear view on windows.

As windows seem to hold their value at resale, it is important to look at the value generated after purchase. The windows in your home are responsible for an average of 25% to 30% of your heating and cooling use. When you upgrade your windows, you have the opportunity to not only save money but also add style and security to one of your largest investments.

Custom Windows from ABC Seamless

Here at ABC Seamless in Kansas City Missouri, we order each window for a custom fit and one of our factory-trained experts will personally handle the installation so we can eliminate any leaks, drafts, and energy loss. Another advantage when you order windows from ABC Seamless, you will receive windows that are never going to rust, chalk, rot or split when exposed to mother nature’s elements. Our windows also will maintain their color, just like our siding, so you do not have to worry about painting or staining them in the future, nor will you have a multitude of screens for seasons as our screens will last through the elements as the perfect companion to your matching window.

So, if you are tired of the expensive, cold, and drafty view that raises your utility bills; then now is the time to upgrade. Give us a call and schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our industry-leading experts. By saving money on utility bills and holding the strongest percentage of its cost during resale, this is an investment that could feasibly pay for itself in a short period of time.

This is the perfect time to upgrade the way you see the world around you with windows from ABC Seamless.

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