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With the rise of the Airbnb and more companies shifting roles to facilitate a more work from home dynamic, homeowners are opting for separate dwellings on their properties or configuring their homes into two separate living spaces to capitalize on these popular trends that generate an income. As we near the end of 2021, these trends are only growing in momentum and do not show signs of lightening up soon. Christian Adams, CEO and cofounder at Repair Pricer says, “The focus will be on creating functional spaces that can double for both [live/work] purposes, such as built-in furniture that can be hidden away or used for work and storage, or improving sound insulation in existing walls and areas to create a calm environment for work.”

We are seeing more properties with multiple structures popping up. Rather than sharing the space of the main living quarters, homeowners are deciding to utilize their land that surrounds them. Once reserved for the outside oasis or the family playground, backyards are now housing additional buildings, from she-sheds to home office, rental space, or even additional family space that may allow for the homeowner to generate additional income and keep the tranquility in the home as it is.

When it comes to contractor marketing and building new structures on property with an existing dwelling; homeowners will want to look for ways to complement the existing structure. Often matching either design style, color, or materials to ensure a cohesive flow that suites the homeowners aesthetic. For any homeowner that has added a built on or addition to an existing structure know that it can be difficult and often frustrating to match colors. Age mixed with the outside elements will often alter the original shade, not to mention most companies will create trend colors and change those colors as these trends change. With the recent state of events, homeowners may also begin to plan a project and find out that the original business that holds the color of the home’s past has possibly gone out of business.

ABC Seamless Siding of Kansas City is the only siding company in the area that has never discontinued a color or a style for over thirty years. We are the ABC Seamless local expert, receiving the National Association of the Remodeling Industry award for Best Exterior 15 consecutive years. We also offer gutters and roofing products that are a great way to bring to free-standing structures into unison that are located on the same property. Steel siding is color fast. It will not fade like vinyl siding, which means you can choose darker options without an issue, and match newer structures to existing structures without fear. ABC Seamless Siding carries a large selection of colors and styles, complementing virtually any type of home or business you currently have or even decide to build in the future.

If you are looking for an additional income or even additional savings; we use the best products mixed with the best technology available, to help put money back in to the pocket of the homeowner. The materials we use are not only energy-efficient, but they also resist chipping, peeling, and wind damage. This leaves the homeowner more time and more money with a home that requires little to no maintenance for years to come. Saving money on repairs and upkeep could result in extra money for creating more of things that are important to you, the homeowner.

If your want list includes the addition of another structure or even a remodel of an existing one, now is the time to call and schedule your free in-home consultation.

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